Snow Day

In the highly unlikely event that the school needs to close due to unforeseen events or weather, here are some ideas to support your home learning!

1. Choose an object in your house and create a pencil sketch of it. Remember to think about tone, line and shape. Some things that might be useful to sketch could be a toothbrush, your favourite toy, a tin or packet of food, an ornament.
2. Have a look at the news round website. What stories interest you and why. Could you recreate a story starring you as the presenter and record it on a phone or tablet?
3. Can you write 3 tricky maths questions for your teacher to stretch her mind and make her really think?
4. Check out for great learning about your faith and the Catholic Church
5. Write a poem about snow. There are plenty of types of poem you might choose including a Haiku, acrostic, limerick, onomatopoeia and simple rhyme. Not sure what these mean? Look them up on line for some good examples.
6. Research the life of St. Margaret and make a fact file to share with your teacher.