Pupil Council






We are proud to be your Pupil Council for the year 2017-2018. Watch this space to hear about all of our news! Read on to find out a little bit about us!

Your Pupil Council

We are your Pupil Council and we will be working hard to improve and develop our school between now and the summer.

We have already decided that we want our Pupil Council to have a larger role in our school. We also think that, after the summer holidays, there should be 9 Pupil Council Members; one member for each class from Primary 1-6 and the three house captains from Primary 7. We think that this would give us a good range of opinions.

Szymon (P5): I am going to work with Mrs Favier to see if we can have more school trips.

Aimee (P7): I am keen to improve and develop our school by hearing everybody’s views.

Noah (P3): I have lots of ideas like more sport and getting rewards for hard work.

Atlanta (P3): I am interested in improving our school through more drama and singing. I want to make sure everyone has a friend in our playground.

Erin (P6): I am hoping to ensure that everyone gets lots of chances to learn in the outdoors.

Owen (P6): I want this school to be really fun and to make sure pupils can start their own clubs. I would like to ensure that P7 have extra responsibilities and opportunities as it is their final year at St Margaret’s.

Artur (P5): I want to make sure that older pupils can go skiing and keep fit!

Cairn (P3): I am going to work with the Pupil Council to get more sports and more trips out of school.