Parent Council

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Monday 15th May 2017
St.Margaret’s R.C. Primary Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Rebecca Favier, Siobhan Fee, Suzanne Robinson, Emily Easton and Victoria Ruthven.
Apologies: Lynne Doig, Anna Le Gall and Yvonne Montgomery.

Yvonne has dislocated shoulder and therefore unable to attend and is going to continue as treasurer roll for one more year.  Victoria appointed secretary for one year.  EE to help SF with admin of Facebook page as not all parents on Facebook.

SF thanks support from all members of PTC and parents throughout the year.  Also, thanks effort in Gala Garden Party last year which was a success.  Feedback from members and parents is that communication is improving and more members still feel involved when unable to attend meetings.  Gala Garden Party made £405.

£405.43 main account balance, £10 float, £115.40 Easter Disco.  £520.83 funds available in total.  No school donation of funds for the moment.
Easter Disco:
£115.40 profit from Easter Disco. Thankful to LD for disco success.  Also, RF did lots of plugging for even in school which resulted in 80% attendance.    All Easter Disco funds will go to the school.  RF will ask pupil council where they would like the money to be spent.  Pupil feedback from disco very positive.  Competitions worked well and enjoyed raffle.  Running competitions will continue as it kept kids involved and helped them to feel it was their event and not run by parents.
Summer Fundraiser:
Running out of time to host Summer Fayre. Therefore, will hold a PTC event on school sport day.  Proposed date June 9th or if bad weather 16th June from 11am – 12.15pm.  Charge small amount for teas/ coffees, cakes afterwards.  [Action: RF will emphasise to children and parents that children will need to go back into school following event and then be collected by parents and can then attend fundraiser]. There will be cake stall, tombola, bear birthday competition etc. PTC will host event in next session to involve new P1 families.  Will have PTC meeting for just this in two weeks time 29th May.  [Action: VR to book room].  RF to keep plugging this event and advertising it in newsletter etc.
Joint Campus Parent Council Meeting:
On 31st May at 9am there will be a joint campus PTC meeting with Loanhead PS.  Will discuss which event will invite each school to over the year. St.Mags PTC to propose hosting a film night and inviting Loanhead PS in either December or January 2018.  Can’t charge for film but can charge for juice, popcorn etc.  Perhaps share Halloween Disco with Loanhead organising.  RF to have St.Margaret’s own Halloween activities in school e.g. dressing-up and Halloween activities.  [Action: SR to do sensory Halloween activities].  Will have Christmas Fayre, Easter Disco and Summer Fayre all separate from Loanhead.  Only hosting a Gala Garden party on years when Queen and Herald from St.Mags.  SF will keep Loanhead informed of dates of our events and vice-versa.  RF would like tea and coffee after mass too.
Gala Garden Parade and Float:
RF to organise children for float for Gala Day Parade.  Parents will be responsible for own child.  Also, float for evening parade week before.  Parents responsible for own children again and can dress-up as a character.  RF will have prize for best buy and girl fancy dress.
P7 Leaving Gift:
School is paying for P7 leaving gift this year.  [Action: SR will purchase eight £10 amazon vouchers for school leavers].  P7 leavers will also having leaving mass at church.
P7 Uniform Options:
Next year P7s all want hoodies but choice of cardigans  be still an option.
Child Exploitation Training Opportunity:
Training opportunity on child exploitation at St.David’s High School on 19th June 6-8pm.  SF, RF, SR to attend.  More welcome.
Head Teacher Report:

P1 transition to be seven at moment but could change.  Current school role is 65.  P6s will be given buddies very soon.  New P1s receiving something sent from school each week e.g. book called ‘Maggie goes to St.Margaret’s’, school tie, letter etc. P6s to organise teddybear picnic and games and to bring teddies.  P7 transition: those attending St.David’s will have four sessions of play therapy.  RF helping P7s plan day out bowling, cinema.  Children not attending St.Ds will have other school transition programmes.  Mass on last day of term for P7s.  Mrs Weir attended nurture programme.  School will be incorporating visual support programme.  RF also continuing ‘Read, Spell, Write’ programme.  Wanting a joined up programme from P1 through to P7.  PTC to be involved in school improvement plan.  Will be displayed on wall along from school.  ‘What the Children Think’.  Sacramental preparation for P3s had a lot of input from parish.  RF continuing to build relationship with parish.  Holy Communion a week on Sunday.  RF would like more school trips.  Each class having a trip once a term.  P1/2 going to Botanics.  P3/4 more bushcraft.  Trying to improve active schools programme.  Gymnastics confirmed for P1/2s. P5/6/7 camp enjoyed by all.  RF to rotate camp each year Broomlee with other location. Communication with home improving.  Hopefully newsletter has made all families across the school aware that RF is teaching P3/4 a lot.  Twitter now has 50 followers.  Website is doing well and attracting local and re-locating families to the school. Need more on individual class pages.  PTC to receive calendar dates for 2018-2019 and complete surverymonkey questionnaire.  RF to purchase staff uniform for school trips.  RF will run parent consultations for P3/4.  Mrs Holloway keen to return but doctor has not yet given permission.  SR to move books from spare classroom to PTC room.  Computers still need to all be moved to atrium.